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Generic Seashell Handmade Trendy Necklace

Original price was: UGX24,600.Current price is: UGX19,680. (Includes TAX)

Generic Velvet Chain Choker Necklace

Original price was: UGX33,600.Current price is: UGX26,880. (Includes TAX)

Generic Alloy Choker

Original price was: UGX35,800.Current price is: UGX28,640. (Includes TAX)

Generic 20-Piece Choker Necklace Set

Original price was: UGX36,000.Current price is: UGX28,800. (Includes TAX)

Generic Creative Heart Pattern Chain Necklace

Original price was: UGX38,300.Current price is: UGX30,640. (Includes TAX)

Sharpdo Metal Boho Sea Shell Choker Necklace

Original price was: UGX39,200.Current price is: UGX31,360. (Includes TAX)

Fashion Street 10-Piece Trendy Lace Choker Set

Original price was: UGX39,900.Current price is: UGX31,920. (Includes TAX)

roaiss 2 Piece Set Flower Collar Choker Necklace Long Strap Tie Necklace Neck Chain Wedding Jewelry Gift for Women Teens Girls Lace Flower Choker Necklace Ribbon for Women Lace Necklace

Original price was: UGX45,600.Current price is: UGX36,480. (Includes TAX)

Generic Choker With Pendent

UGX36,600 (Includes TAX)

Generic Leather Heart Choker

Original price was: UGX69,300.Current price is: UGX55,440. (Includes TAX)

SYOSI Best Friend Necklace Half Heart Pendant Friendship Necklace for 2-Split Valentine Heart Necklace

Original price was: UGX73,800.Current price is: UGX59,040. (Includes TAX)

roaiss Women Butterfly Chain Necklace Personalized Design with Chain Elements Fashionable Leather Necklace for Women Versatile and Casual Necklace

Original price was: UGX87,800.Current price is: UGX70,240. (Includes TAX)

Depend Leather Adjustable Necklace for Women Neckband Collar Choker Handcuff Styled Black

Original price was: UGX111,600.Current price is: UGX89,280. (Includes TAX)
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