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Kidle Single Water Slide Toy 26x22x4cm

Original price was: UGX85,400.Current price is: UGX76,860. (Includes TAX)

Kidle Single Water Slide Toy 480x72cm

Original price was: UGX90,000.Current price is: UGX81,000. (Includes TAX)

Kidle Double Surfboard Garden Water Slide Toy 480x145cm

Original price was: UGX99,800.Current price is: UGX89,820. (Includes TAX)

Fitness World Play Tent with Balls for Kids 130 x 50cm

Original price was: UGX99,900.Current price is: UGX89,910. (Includes TAX)

Fitness World Baby Swing with Metal Hook 62 x 15cm

Original price was: UGX193,600.Current price is: UGX174,240. (Includes TAX)

Bestway H2Ogo! Friendly Frog Water Slide 4.88meter

Original price was: UGX220,500.Current price is: UGX198,450. (Includes TAX)

Fitness World Full Bucket Seat Swing for Kids 10 x 10cm

Original price was: UGX256,000.Current price is: UGX230,400. (Includes TAX)

INTEX Rainbow Ring Play Center Inflatable 297x193x135cm

Original price was: UGX398,000.Current price is: UGX358,200. (Includes TAX)
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