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Excefore eBOX Lite Upgraded Dryer Box of 3D Printer Filament, Dehydrator of Filament Storage Box, Keep Filament Dry During 3D Printing, Spool Holder, Compatible with 1.75mm, 2.85mm, 3.00mm Filament

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  • Designed to dry and remove moisture from various kind of filaments. eBOX Lite can keep filament dry during printing and can be used as filament storage box, provide a dry storage environment for 3D printer filament. Great companion for any FDM 3D pri
  • eBOX Lite can keep heating up to your preset temperature, and keep working within the preset time. PI heating with the metal curved sheet structure, efficient heating within two hours. Make sure the damp filament is evenly heated and improve printing
  • eBOX Lite effectively solves the problem of stringing, clogging, bed layer adhesion, poor printing quality and layer shift of 3D printing filament caused by ambient humidity. Transparent lid could monitor the usage of filament in real time without op
  • Inside contains thermal insulation and flame retardant cotton, which prevents burns, heat preservation, high safety. With high-life and low-noise turbofans, it has better heat dissipation effect, easy to maintain constant temperature and humidity. No
  • Temperature Range 40-55?, Working Time Range 0-18 Hours. You can freely set the drying heating time and temperature according to different 3D printer filament material, ambient temperature, humidity and other factors to achieve best drying environmen

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